Stadium Light Towers

No need for a bunch of diesel slurping generators anymore!

Carbon Lite Heat Solutions Ltd brand new Hot Zone Stadium Lighting Package consists of 6 – Hydraulic Eco towers removed once on site, each Eco light has 8 LED lights, 100′  30 amp cable running back to the main generator that runs off 4700L fuel skid. Can daisy chain 3 towers together to reach 300′ away. Each Eco tower can power up fuel skids/minion blowers etc with duplex plugs. The trailer also has 2 stadium hydraulic masts reach up to 30′ each with 8 LED lights.

  • Hydraulic operated mast for safe and efficient setup
  • Each Eco tower comes complete with 100′ of 30 amp cable to plug into main 60 kw Gen set
  • Eco towers can be daisy chained together to reach even further away from main Gen set
  • Simply remove off trailer using picker or Skid steer and place in the desired location and pull 4 pins to install stabilizer arms and plug-in cable
  • No flame non-spark light stands safely to place anywhere on your Oilfield / Construction sites
  • Worried about driving over cables, light low profile bridges available in traffic areas to withstand any heavy traffic